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Production & Shipping Times

All our products are produced on demand. This means that when you place an order on our shop, we custom print the product individually, pack it and ship it to you as soon as possible.
Our items are not mass produced, your order is hand-printed by real cheesy monkeys, I mean real humans. Therefore, we are able to make sure the order is fulfilled correctly and offer you the best quality!

Our standard production time (preparation, printing, checking, packing) is 3-5 days for your items to be made before shipment.
Our standard shipping method typically takes 3 to 7 business day.
Our clients usually receive their order within 10 days.

Please understand that additional processing & shipping time may be needed due to weekends, US holidays and peak times.

What is the status of my order?

After your order is placed, you should receive a confirmation email. From that moment, your order will be processed and your item will be ready to ship between 3 to 5 days.

Once your order was shipped, you will receive another email with the tracking number to be able to check on the status of your shipment. Simply click on the tracking code and you will be automatically redirected to the tracking information.

However, if it has been more than 3 days since you placed your order and you haven’t received a confirmation email from us, make sure to check your spam folder as sometimes emails end up there. If you can’t find the email from us, please contact our customer support team so we can assist you.

Why isn't my tracking number working?

The tracking number is automatically provided by the carrier’s system once the order is shipped. However sometimes it takes few hours to few days to be updated in our shipping partner’s system and to be fully active so check on it later.
If it still doesn’t work after few days, please let us know here so we can check if your order was correctly processed and shipped.

How will my items be shipped?

All our US orders are delivered via USPS with Standard domestic delivery.
Cheesy Monkeys is not responsible in delayed shipping from the carrier, however we always make sure to assist you whenever any delays happen.

I ordered multiple items, will everything arrive together?

Some items might be shipped separately if they have a bit longer printing processing time. So sometimes the items is packaged and shipped separately to ensure they arrive in good order to avoid any delays.

Does Cheesy Monkeys ship internationally?

At the moment, we are not able to ship outside the United States. However, the option will become available in the near future.

Are all items eligible for free shipping?

Yes, we are offering free shipping on all our US orders over $75. Your shipping will be calculated at checkout.

Can I change my shipping address on my order?

If you entered the wrong address by accident, please get in touch as soon as possible within 24 hours. We try our best to produce and ship the items as fast as possible. So sometimes it might not be possible to change the address once the items are in production or shipped as our system already took care of the order.
So get in touch via our contact form with your information.


Can I cancel my order?

Please get in touch as soon as possible within 24 hours. Our products are printed on demand and we try our best to produce and ship the items as fast as possible. So please send us an email here so we can see if your order can be cancelled. There are some times when the order is already in production and/or shipped and we cannot cancel.
Make sure to contact our customer support so we can find the best solution for your satisfaction.

Why am I missing an item from my order?

Some items ship separately from different processing facilities or because of different production time, so part of your order may still be in production or in transit. If you need more information, please contact our customer support.

Why I didn’t receive my order?

If after more than 10 days you haven’t receive your order and it is not marked as delivered by USPS, please contact us so we can check if your order was processed correctly and eventually reship your order.
If it is marked as “delivered” to the address you entered at checkout, we usually advise you to check with your neighbors in case someone received it for you or call your local USPS office by providing them with the tracking number so they can reschedule a delivery or let you know where your package has been delivered.
Otherwise, please contact us so we can make sure you receive your order.

Received a damaged item?

We are so sad to hear that you experienced an issue with an item you ordered. If you received a product that is incorrect, damaged or not printed properly, please contact us so we can send you a replacement as soon as possible or issue a refund.

I ordered the wrong size, what should I do?

Please contact us as soon as possible within 24 hours. Our products are printed on demand and we try our best to produce and ship the items as fast as possible. So please send an email so we can see if your order can easily be changed to another size or color.

Do you offer returns or exchanges?

Too big? Too small? Don’t like the color? We are here to assist you! Please get in touch as soon as possible so we can offer you a solution.
Our policy lasts 30 days. An exchange or a return can only be processed within 30 days of your original order date.
For exchanges for a new size, wrong or damaged products, we will have your item reprinted and shipped to you as quickly as possible to avoid any headaches for you. Contact us as soon as possible as this issues are dealt on case by case.

Do you offer Refunds?

Refunds are only offered to customers who don’t want to receive an exchange for wrong items or damaged items. We have an easy and flexible policy as we hope we can send you replacement if you experienced an issue with your order so you can be fully satisfied wearing or using our products.
You will always hear back from us if you need assistance so contact us as soon as possible.


To best serve the needs of our customers, we found that email communication is the clearest, simplest and most beneficial for our customers. We answer emails very fast and until our customers are completely satisfied! Please email us for assistance!
If you messaged us but haven't heard back for 48 hours, please check your spam folder. Most inquiries are responded within 24 hours.

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